Transnational Crime Tips

Immediately Report Crime Tips

Were you asked for to wear a piece of clothing with a message for a sum of money or other compensation and appear in a certain place at a certain time. For instance, asked to wear a shirt with a message on it and told to stand next to a stairwell at a train station and wait for a queue. Perhaps given instruction to look for a a white male with a blue hat or whatever the description provided.

While it might seem innocuous, you are a participant in major crimes involving a transnational criminal organization. You are a participant in harassing and intimidating a former law enforcement official on behalf of organized crime. You have been asked to do this in order to provide a veil of protection for those who want to remain hidden.

Perhaps you were an unwitting participant. Perhaps you area an associate. It makes no difference. You are now you are a knowing participant if you read this message. You are one of many people paid by a proxy of a transnational organized crime group, a Mexican cartel, to harass and intimidate a former law enforcement official from the United States.

You should immediately report identifying information of the person or people, who paid and gave you the "messaging" items, to the federal police in the respective country or to the FBI in a United States consulate based in Europe. Do not hesitate. Provide any photos, dates, times, locations and descriptions of those involved and what you were told.

Since you have been asked to do this at rail stations, other public places, and railway trains, there is significant camera footage. The best thing you can do is immediately report it. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States has (legal attaches), special agents that located in several United States consulates in various European countries. Contact information can be found by clicking here.

Call any United States Embassy or Consulate on the list. Ask to speak to any legal attache (United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents are legal attaches. They will forward this information to Brussels, Belgium consulate who will know what to do with this information.

In Germany you can contact the BKA and submit a detailed to to them.

Contact law enforcement to report these transnational crimes before law enforcement in your respective country comes to you.